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If you’re upgrading the water heater in your home or building, you should give us a call. We offer the best prices on the best electric water heaters on the market. Electric water heaters are great because they’re easier to install, safer, and easier to use. Electric powered water heaters are also said to be better for the environment. Nevertheless, despite them being less expensive to install, electric water heaters usually cost more to use. Electric water heater installation is easier because it usually doesn’t require gas piping or gas venting that gas water heaters usually require.

If you’re online looking for “electric water heater install company near me” or an “electric water heater plumber” to replace your electric water heater in Greater Columbus, you’re in the right place. You are encouraged to call the water heater experts at Bexley Plumbing & Drain. Our water heater installation experts can professionally install your water heater at the most affordable prices with unmatched workmanship coverage and warranty coverage you won’t find anywhere else. We go to every length to perform all the work right the first time, every single time. We also stand behind every single water heater installation, as with all our work, with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee you can take to the bank.

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Electric Water Heaters

Affordable Electrical Water Heater Products, Services & Solutions Throughout Greater Columbus

If you’ve tried comparing the energy efficiency of an electric water heater to that of a gas water heater, you should know that electric heaters are far more efficient. Although gas water heaters are much less expensive to use because of the lower cost of natural gas and propane — a gas water heater still uses a lot more more energy. Plus, if your home didn’t already have a gas water heater that was recently installed, which few people do, we will have to make evasive changes to the home, cutting into the roof to provide a gas vent. This is also why gas water heating is more harsh on the environment. In addition to being better for the environment, electric water heaters are a lot more popular in homes because of the widespread availability of electricity. Almost everyone has a steady supply of electricity in their home.

Of all the different types of water heating units available, the most popular include electric-powered traditional heaters with the tank and tankless electric water heaters. There are also less common types of electric water heaters we can discuss.

In any case, the benefits of professional water heater installation are many. They include better energy usage, longer service life, lower maintenance costs and reduced electric costs. Don’t hesitate to call Bexley Plumbing & Drain today if you need an electrician plumber for electric water heater repairs, electric water heater maintenance services, or electric water heater installation.

Benefits of Electric Water Heaters

If you’re trying to choose between a gas water heater or an electric-powered water heater, you should educate yourself about the difference. That’s where we come in, once again. We want you to be aware of the many benefits to using electricity to heat water. Electric water heaters are so much safer. Additionally, they also cost a lot less to use and they’re far are more energy-efficient. Additional benefits of electric water heaters include the following:

Energy Efficient

Much More Energy Efficient

If you’re using a gas water heater, you need to be aware that the combustion and ventilation process allows heat to escape. This is more expensive overall because of the wasted heat or energy costs and the time it takes for the water heater to reach desired performance levels. Electric water heaters don’t use combustion and they don’t burn fuel. They also do not require gas ventilation. Because of this, the hot water tank heats things up a lot quicker, and the heat they produce during the combustion process stays inside rather than being ventilated outside. This can be a major energy-saving benefit. 

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Electric is Much Safer

Although gas water heaters have many benefits, the biggest drawback to be aware of is their safety concern. This is true whenever you’re using gas. It’s especially true in older homes and older buildings where gas piping or gas ventilation is often outdated or nor working properly. If gas vents aren’t working, even a minor gas leak can wreak havoc and become hazardous. Safety issues with an electrical water heaters are much less common than the safety risks associated with any sort of gas-powered appliance. Nevertheless, as far as safety goes, electrical wiring does need to be inspected before installing your new water heater. This is something we always perform.

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Installation Is Easier and Customizable

Nothing like a quick and painless installation, especially when you’re paying for this expert service. Electric water heater installation work is done much faster than any other water heater on the market. Electric water heaters they don’t require additional pipes, gas venting, or complicated distribution techniques. Even if you need electrical water heater repairs performed or something complicates or delays the installation, the time and expense involved is generally still a lot less involved than what goes into properly installing a gas water heater. Electric water heaters come in a variety of sizes, so you won’t ever have to wait for a special order. 

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Installation Costs Are Less

Electric water heaters are great for newer homes because they’re so easy to install. This ties together with the above benefit. Because they’re easier to install, as we noted, they cost a lot less for the installation work. Gas water heater installation is generally more expensive because it requires proper venting and piping for safety. As we outlined, electric water heater installation is very simple and straightforward. We use what you already have in place and we are adept at all the electrical work. The additional cost of making a home or business compatible with a gas water heater sometimes isn’t worth it, especially for smaller water heaters or places with much less water heating needs. 

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Frequently Asked General Plumbing  Questions

At Bexley Plumbing & Drain, we are always committed to helping our amazing customers and we are here to answer any questions they might have related to their plumbing repair and plumbing maintenance systems. We also answer questions related to HVAC and electrical work, whether online or in person as part of a free in-home consultation. We offer the most quality plumbing solutions at the best prices. Our job is to make sure you’re able to live comfortably in an affordable way. We are also 100% committed to complete customer satisfaction across the board. Call us at (614) 368-9371 if you have any questions.

When should I replace my water heater?

Conventional water heaters need replaced every 10 to 15 years. Tankless water heaters, however, last much longer. Some say up to 20 years. If you don’t know the age of the water heater you own, you need to check the serial number on the tank and also check with the installer or the manufacturer. Signs you need to have a professional check it include strange noises, inconsistent temperatures, strange smells, changes in water flow or water pressure and increasing gas or electric water heating costs, depending on the type of fuel. 

How types of water heaters are there?

Water heaters can be categorized by their fuel source. They include gas-powered water heaters and electric-powered water heaters. Additionally, the two most prevalent types of water heater used in homes include traditional water heaters (with storage tank) and tankless water heaters (called on-demand water heaters). As soon as you turn on the faucet and run hot water using a traditional water heater, a heating element heats the water as it enters the tank to replace the hot water being used. The tank keeps the water heated all the time. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, heat up the water whenever it passes through the pipes. 

What would be considered a plumbing emergency?

A lot of people don’t want to wait for an emergency plumber to come to their home to have their plumbing problems fixed when it suits the company. Nevertheless, plumbing problems don’t go away on their own. If there’s a plumbing problem, the plumbing work should be left to the experts. Plumbing emergencies include things like a poor water pressure, poor flow, flooding caused by a sump pump failure, broken plumbing pipes, sewer line blockages, drain clogs, valve malfunctions, toilet overflowing, bathroom plumbing problems and more. If you’re still uncertain what a “plumbing emergency” is, call Bexley Plumbing & Drain today and speak to our 24-hour plumbing call center. Because your plumbing doesn’t merely work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., neither do we!  

Experiencing a Plumbing Emergency? Call Bexley Plumbing & Drain

If you're in need of a 24/7 emergency plumbing service in Bexley, Ohio, look no further than the skilled plumbers of Bexley Plumbing & Drain. Our team is available to take your call at all hours—day or night—to help you with any plumbing issues that may arise. Whether it's a broken water heater or a backed-up sewer line, we'll be on the job right away to get things back up and running again ASAP.

We offer a wide range of services—from drain cleaning to leak detection, pipe repair and replacement—so no matter what type of plumbing issue needs attention, you can count on us for help. We even do inspections before large events like weddings or conferences so that you know everything will run smoothly when it comes time for guests to arrive!

At Bexley Plumbing & Drain, we treat our customers like family because building relationships with long-time clients is something we value highly here at our company. That's why we offer free estimates for all jobs as well as excellent customer service before, during, and after each job is completed by our staff members (you'll never see an unskilled worker behind one).

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